How Can You Help?


Be a Supporter


  • Provide a meeting room or tutoring space
  • Share audio-visual or computer equipment
  • Use grants or funds to support local programs
  • Help publicize local literacy activities
  • Make referrals
  • Donate tutor training materials
  • Volunteer!




Be a Fundraiser


  • Plan and book or offer to host an author dinner, guest reader or other activity
  • Share your passion with your friends, family and colleagues and encourage them to participate
  • Include literacy programs and supporting activities in your annual planning, giving or budgeting considerations




Be a Partner


  • Get active in your local literacy council or other programs that help to educate or provide resources for literacy
  • Form a coalition of volunteers with your local school or outreach programs
  • Provide office space for planning, meetings, tutorial sessions or other activities when there is a need